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Cyma CM.708

What do Chris Kyle, Simo Häyhä, Carlos Hathcock and Vasili Záitsev have in common? Ok, this one is easy, they are four of the most famous snipers in history. Let's try another one, what does Novritsch, Bull Sniper, Silo Entertainment and Kickingmustang have in common? They are also snipers, but in this case in our hobby.

This sniper rifle belongs to a series of replicas that are the result of a collaboration between two large companies: CYMA and TaiwanGun. Each one contributing their experience, either as a replica manufacturer or by direct and continuous contact with the players.

The barrel is one of the most important elements in the internal part equation that impact the accuracy in a sniper rifle. That is why we liked the fact that this model had an internal 450 mm long barrel, measuring 6.03 mm in diameter, a nice feature in a bolt sniper rifle.


This series of bolt sniper rifles focuses on the modularity of the replicas. They have also paid special attention to the development of a number of replicas that offered the highest level of precision and ergonomics for the shooter.



















This muzzle unquestionably reminds us of the Tactical Muzzle Brake by MDT (Modular Driven Technologies), a Canadian company that designed the real one looking for a recoil reduction of almost 40% at the same time that improved speed and precision.

However, in this airsoft replica it remains as a mere aesthetic feature since, as you know well, there is no deflagration. But it looks impressive and it really stands out.