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Army Armament R501

Army Armament brings to airsoft a “The Costa Carry Comp” replica, whose real counterpart created STI in collaboration with Chris Costa based on the 2011 STI platform.

This is a real gun manufacturer based in Texas (yes, now you understand the marking on the base of the magazine with the silhouette of the lone star state) that has been hugely successful for a while with both shooters and professionals.


-Length: 218 mm
-Height: 160 mm
-Weight: 1 kg
-Colours: Black and dual tone (black and tan)
-Materials: Metal, polymer
-Firing mode: Semi
-Inner barrel length: 100 mm
-Inner barrel length: 6.03 mm
-Type of magazine: Green gas
-Magazine capacity: 28 bbs
-Material of the magazine: Metal
-Velocity: 320 FPS
-Energy: 0.95 J
-Blowback: Yes
-Hop-up: Adjustable (roulette type, TM style).


The slide is shortened so that the compensator is at all times on the frame when firing.

In addition, this compensator, which in the real model reduces recoil up to 63% (in airsoft it is obviously merely an aesthetic feature), has an “island” design, which translates into the fact that the front sight is integrated in the compensator, creating a singular cut in the slide, so that we can keep our eyes on the sight when shooting despite the recoil of the slide.

A sight that, by the way, is made of optic fibre, which enhances aiming even in low light conditions, such as we may encounter in some sections of CQB fields.


-Skeletal triggers and hammers
-Double safe: handle and slide
-Lower rail for flashlights, lasers or small grenade launchers
-Double row magazine
-Shortened slide and cut design that lightens it
-4” island type external barrel
-Compensator included and integrated in the gun
-Full metal construction
-One-piece polymer grip with stippling
-Fibre optic sight
-Tactical Magwell for fast reloads
-Unique engraved serial number
-Hop rubber made of a cold-resistant silicone compound
-Cold-resistant polymer nozzle
-Compatible with CO2 magazines (sold separately)

The double row magazine has a capacity of 28 bbs and, although the one that comes standard is gas, it is also compatible with CO2 magazines.

Internally, it has a 6.03 mm precision barrel along with a hop-up that carries a rubber that, according to the brand, is made of a silicone-based compound that increases its resistance to cold weather, ensuring a straight firing experience even at low temperatures.