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The "way of the warrior" or Bushidô represent the new line of SAIGO Defense. An internally and externally improved range, designed and prepared so that the most demanding players can enjoy SAIGO products.


Courtesy: You don't need to show your strength, respect the enemy.

More: http://www.020mag.com/magazine/mobile/34/page/16

-"Grizzly” muzzle: Yes, that is right, it is a typical AK muzzle, but that Saigo has adapted to this model and, we must admit, it looks very cool.

-Vertical Grip: The Saigo REI model comes with a BCM Gunfighter style front grip included in the box with M-Lok system to anchor it to the replica's handguard. We can put this grip in two different ways:

Forward angle: With this shape we will increase the stiffness of the forearm and provide a more natural wrist angle.

Reverse angle: This shape will provide us a better grip on the handguard.

-Telescopic stock:  The stock is the key player in this replica. In this model, SAIGO offers this telescopic stock in the same colour as the upper receiver and with a stock tube painted in the same tone as the lower receiver, which is one of the great novelties of the entire BUSHIDO range since replicas with the stock tubes already painted are rare and if we want to buy it separately it adds an extra € 45-50 to the price tag.

The best: It is designed to carry out folded be deployed in combat, following in some way the PDW’s philosophy in which it tries to reduce the size of the model without giving up its benefits.

The worst:  It is not really a negative thing, but it forces you to use square batteries (there are many available in the market at all different powers) instead of the elongated ones that you would normally carry in the tube of your replica gun.

More: http://www.020mag.com/magazine/mobile/34/page/16