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CZ P-09 OR (Optical Ready)

CZ P-09 OR (Optical Ready) demonstrates the logical evolution in the world of pistols. Nobody can imagine a rifle with a handle or the classic RIS handguard, these systems gave way to reclining sights or M-LOK type systems. A similar evolution is taking place in pistols, improving the user's shooting experience with aiming systems such as an RMR thanks to bases that allow their installation in the slides, high or fibre sights that improve the aiming system or star element in a gun: the compensator.

The function of the compensator in a real pistol is to improve firing stability in a cool way and in an airsoft pistol it is all about the cool factor. And this CZ P-09 OR with compensator ranks among the top in terms of elegant, modern pistols and with that +10 cool factor that KJWorks knows how to create so well in an airsoft pistol with the essence of Česká zbrojovka.

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It should be noted that this model is a replica of a real pistol and that thanks to ASG licenses, we can enjoy spectacular precision in its reproduction and original markings. An added value that will surely be appreciated by target shooters among whom the real model is popular and the airsofters who like this model.


In this version of the P-09 the lightweight slide stands out, made of aluminium, with a hole on each side and a third on the back, through which you can see the golden external barrel. Although this detail may seem a bit "bling-bling" it is a detail for which the real manufacturer of SAI guns has become so popular, it was a strategy to quickly differentiate their products and, to this day, it has become usual in many other brands as a differentiating item in their pistols. Going all black is a thing of the past.


The "P-09 Compensator" can be purchased separately (not included with the pistol). Also It’s made of CNC aluminium which, in our opinion, is the key in terms of the elegance of this pistol. The design on the compensator is based on the style that Primary Machine develops for the CZ series in real pistols to improve firing stability, for the purposes of this article its function is merely aesthetic, but it is the determining element for this pistol to look really impressive.

The compensator installation system is by threading it to the external barrel, which is then adjusted by two lower clips that ensure that the piece does not move. Despite having a weight of 18gr, it does not affect the operation of the pistol, nor does it significantly increase gas consumption.

More: http://www.020mag.com/magazine/mobile/34/page/13