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"Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival" You know what I'm talking about? This is the song that comes to mind every time I pick up this Cyma model. The CM-009F replicates one of the most popular models in the Vietnam War, the XM177 Commando

The XM177 Commando was the first compact assault rifle developed by Colt at the beginning of the Cold War and rose to fame for its use in the Vietnam War by the Navy Seals in covert operations throughout the Vietnam jungle. By the way, before continuing, look for the song on YouTube and hit "play" to set the scene.

If you are very young, you may feel it is a little strange, but these are the muzzles that were used at that time and that we have seen covered with a condom in many films to prevent water from entering. In this case, a slot flash hider that in the real model served to reduce the flash that occurred when shooting, something quite useful if you are in the middle of a Vietnam jungle in the dark.

In this day an age this handguard is out of date, but at the time it was manufactured, working with high-strength polymers and making such a modular handguard, was a revolution. This airsoft model uses the internal space of the handguard to house the battery, which being quite wide will have no problems to find the right batteries. To this ends we must remove the lower half of the part to be able to connect and disconnect the battery.

If you did not know this model, you may have come to think that the stock is too small or that it even looks like a toy, but this is not the case. This stock dispenses with the two lateral sections of the typical Crane Stock to reduce its volume. This was done in the real model to reduce the size of the weapon and make it much more manageable, equating it to a submachine gun for the commandos that used it.

Without a doubt this is the classic among classics, the beginning of everything. A replica of Colt's XM177 Commando that, although today, has a design that is a bit outdated in terms of current systems, without a doubt will bring a little nostalgia to a few, like myself, as I actually feel like watching a few films set in the Vietnam War.

Good Morning, Vietnam