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ARES M4- X Class

Are there replicas intended for CQB? We think so, and there are fields where you can stand out with a different replica with features adapted to this terrain. Ares listened to the players and after releasing its .45 models, it has adapted these models so that they can be used with M4 magazines and so they present its new M4 - X Class.

Real features

Quick Detach Handguard: It has a handguard with a quick detach system. By means of the two Allen screws at the end, closest to the body of the handguard, we can release it, just by using an Allen wrench.  To attach accessories on the sides and on the bottom we have the M-Lok system. If we look at the bottom, we see that the piece is oversized as creating a kind of rail. 

Ambidextrous fire selector: Lately, we have been able to see, especially in real customs weapons, the fashion in ambidextrous selectors to place the outer selector of the dominant hand of a smaller size, as for example in the real brand Battle Arms Development. This, in addition to giving a unique aesthetic touch to our replica, gives us added safety by preventing it from moving if we brush it against a wall while we play.

Flash Hider

KAK Flash Hider: Ares offers a replica of the KAK Industry muzzle, a muzzle that in the original model is designed to direct the gases and sound of the shot towards the front of the shooter, which has to use to us, but aesthetically it surely gives the model a very cool touch. 


The folding stock follows the Troy Industries line. This format reduces the length of the model several centimetres and, although in other models there is less room for batteries than in a conventional tube, this has been successfully tackled and there is a wider space, where the long batteries can be comfortably fitted. Besides, reducing the surface of the recoil pad enables a faster shouldering, and thanks to the stripped surface it can be held smoothly, which are two key features in CBQ fields where speed and accuracy are paramount.

EFCS Gearbox

Quick spring change: This gearbox comes with a quick change system. So that, by turning the spring rail, we can extract both the rail and the spring without having to open the gearbox. Although the spring guide that comes standard is made of iron and has an M100 type spring with which we can play without problems.

Pneumatic system: The pneumatic assembly includes a chrome-plated cylinder without opening. Both the piston and the piston head are made of fibre, and have full steel teeth which increases its useful life. 

The gears, in turn, turn around metal bearings and 8mm bushings, a configuration that is becoming increasingly popular among many manufacturers.

EFCS  Systems

The electronic trigger system has a sensor that detects when the gear concludes the cycle and stops it in the best position, it also includes the option of setting the trigger travel and allows us to cut off the current when the gearbox gets stuck or when the Li-Po goes below of certain tension level.

Electronic trigger: The electronic trigger system by Ares manages to extend the service life of the trigger. We can also configure the trigger travel (approximately mm) to obtain a faster response when firing.

Gearbox protection: One of the main causes of gearbox malfunction is when it is locked. So, when this happens, the user can cut the power with the EFCS just by pulling the trigger 5 times.

Gear detector: The system includes a sensor that detects when the gear ends the cycle and stops it in the best possible position. This helps the piston to always remains in the correct position, reducing the stress on the spring, increasing the life of the pneumatic system and saves battery.