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This is not another AR15

FALKOR DEFENSE is one of the arms manufacturers from the State of Montana who are leading a new era for the arms industry. A very North American product that is licensed by EMG for airsoft and manufactured by APS. Falkor offers modern designs, very carefully crafted and full of details that APS knows how to reproduce very well in an airsoft replica, finishing it off inside with an impressive eSilver Edge Gear Box SDU2.0.

This is not another AR15

Pay attention to detail, a completely redesigned body.

The lower receiver (1) is designed in a magwell shape to help insert the magazine more quickly, hence its bell shape at the lower end.

It has ambidextrous controls, where the fire selector (2) that has a very interesting detail stands out, the internal selector being larger compared to the external one, which is smaller. The magazine release (3) stands out, which is oversized on the outside to carry out quick loads, while it is minimal on the inside, it designed to prevent you from accidentally releasing the magazine when you bring the rifle close to your body. The loading lever (4) has a double flap design that opens the ejection port (5) (sheet metal) that gives access to the hop-up with the release  of the functional bolt on both sides of the body.

With original FALKOR markings (6) on both sides of the body, lower part of the trigger guard, upper part in RIS numbering with the finish of the original logo of the series, even the loading lever itself has a Falkor marking on its central part.

To add extra quality, APS has made the engraved markings (they are sunk in the metal and it is not merely the contrast of the laser with the black colour (which would be what we are used to in black M4s).  

The straight trigger (7) is one of the hallmarks of APS and a trend in the real arms market. In our case, the straight trigger helps to shorten trigger travel and gain responsiveness when shooting. This is enhanced by a resized trigger guard.


The floating 9” M-LOK ™ Transition Handguard (23cm) continues as in the body on its upper part, Picatinny rail, the numbering marks, as well as the Falkor and M-LOK markings on both sides. A feature of this handguard is that it is wider in its contour (which is for a better ventilation of the external barrel in the original model) but in airsoft it truly stands out when the floating grey barrel is seen through the M-LOK.


The SDU’s function is to stop the gearbox to prevent further damage when the electric current is too high. In simple terms, the electric current (amps) will increase if there is a malfunction of the gearbox, for example: motor failure, damaged gears or a short-circuit. When the SDU detects more than five triggers pulls that exceed the amps, the gearbox will be disconnected to prevent any possible damage. 

The eSilver Edge comes with a micro switch trigger that works together with the S.D.U. to offer a really quick firing response; according to the manufacturer it tested at an average of 0.02 seconds, we could not measure it such a that degree of accuracy