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The M24 is the name given by the United States Army to the Remington 700 rifle in 1988. Many of you will think that it is very similar to an M40 and you are not really wrong, since the M40 is another variant of the Remington 700.

In this case Rossi brings us its own tribute to this rifle with the Desert Storm family, a series that pays tribute to all those soldiers from Operation Desert Storm. There are two models within the series, the STORM 24 BK and the STORM 24 BK PRO EDITION in which we are going to focus on in this article.

High resistance body

Its injected nylon body makes the rifle very resistant despite being nylon, believe us, we have seen a van run over it and nothing happened. Indeed the rifle has a weight of about 2,750 gr and that it is perfectly compensated.

Calibrating precision

Adjusting the hop up of the rifle is very easy and comfortable. You will only have to move the lever forward or backward with our fingers, without the need for tools or disassembling anything to adjust the flight of our BB´s. The model allows the use the 0.45 gr weight limit and can reach 80-85 meters with remarkable precision.

Pro Edition

As the name itself already indicates, we are going to find a number of improvements, both external and internal, that will make the rifle have better performance and quality, obviously the price will be in line with the improvements compared to the simplest edition not analysed here. One of the external improvements is that an M3 bipod(1) with the corresponding lower rail is already included.  It is also worth noting the external barrel with a much more dynamic grooved design(2) and, internally, with a lightened and reinforced piston, reinforced spring guide and trigger.(3).

Reinforced trigger guard

One of the internal improvements that the Pro Edition presents is that the trigger guard is reinforced with CNC steel, since it is a spring rifle that will make the trigger suffer less with each shot, and which extend the life of the rifle.

Steel cylinder

This model has a steel cylinder with a reinforced CNC aluminium piston and a reinforced spring guide (aluminium), being a spring model, this is undoubtedly appreciated since it has already been upgraded to extend the rifle's life. The model includes two springs: The one installed will be around 530 to 540 fps and a second spring included in the box to reduce the power of the rifle and thus adapt to other European markets.

Improving the VSR

Rossi has mounted a type 6'02mm VSR precision barrel. Something unusual, although in our opinion very necessary! This barrel is complemented by a VSR cut hop up rubber, which also ensures functionality to find spare parts if necessary.


This is unquestionably one of the most complicated roles in airsoft and therefore with rifles that are difficult to tame. In 90% of cases we are going to have to make a remarkable investment to achieve decent shooting results, and we are not always going to be able to do so. That is why these Rossi Desert Storm models fill a gap in the sniper market. They offer us two ready-to-play models in terms of internals and external parts which are of great quality. With this rifle you can finally achieve the famous "1 Shot, 1 Kill" in airsoft version.