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What happens when two legends like AK and Magpul's APE merge? Well, the ICS CXP ARK is born, a blend of the AK world and one of the most popular MAGPUL models, the APE.

This is one of those models that demonstrate that ICS continues to do very well for many years to come. An elegant, modern model (without doing strange things) with premium materials and applying new technologies that result in the CXP ARK series.

What is new about the ARK model?

ARK Family

The ARK family currently consists of two models:


  • Colours: Black and OD
  • Extended length: 884mm
  • Folded stock length: 638mm
  • Weight: 3´4 kg
  • Inner barrel length: 375mm
  • Engine: EVO I 35000

M-LOK handguard

ICS presents a handguard with a modern touch different from what we are used to in the AK world. It has an M-LOK system although we can only fit accessories on the sides.

It has a small RIS segment at the bottom to attach accessories to improve especially the shouldering with the replica. It is made of nylon fibre which will help the replica as a whole to have a lower weight.

APE stock

It has a Magpul type stock that seen previously in ICS in its APE model that replicates that of the actual name of the Magpul model. We can adjust the stock in seven positions and the cheek rest at five heights to make the shouldering of the replica more comfortable.

Lastly, the stock is foldable, making it more comfortable to carry while also maintaining a hitch on the side of the body to transport it with a strap. Despite being an AK, this time, the battery can be put inside the stock instead of in the Upper Receiver.


It has a version 3 gearbox, typical of AK replicas, with three specifications that stand out:

Quick spring change:

Something perhaps we are not used to in the AK world is that, since it is a V.3 gearbox, it has a quick spring change, but this time the guys from ICS have modified the gearbox so that we can change the spring much faster without the need to take the guts out of the entire replica.

Reinforced set:

The model has, among many other additions, an aluminium nozzle, MIM (Metal Injection Mould) gears, cylinder head and CNC aluminium piston with all steel teeth and double O-ring.

SSS systems:

One of the main novelties that ICS presents is its latest generation of electronic trigger, although there will be a standard version that will only mount a mosfet.  The SSS.III has an active brake, being able to perform self-diagnostics of the firing system. Furthermore, the trigger can remember the characteristics of the engine and efficiently adjust the power to gain a better positioning of the gears.

What is clear is that electronics is becoming the leading charater of the new top replicas on the market and thus, functions such as: detection of engine malfunctions, piston preload function, configuration of shooting modes or detection of low-voltage batteries have become features of the new airsoft state-of-the-art technology. And, indeed, the fact is that ICS as always been linked to cutting edge features.