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AMOEBA Striker Tactical 1

Accuracy is the most relevant skill which for a sniper, if the player can not guarantee that the balls will hit where he is aiming, he surely won't get that "one shot, one hit!" But, as you have seen, this is not the only thing s sniper must pay attention to. Indeed, as the Portuguese motto goes "Em batha, minha presença é terror e medo” for those who do not know Portuguese it means: "In battle, my presence is terror and fear."

Is there the perfect sniper rifle in airsoft? The answer is clear and simple: NO. But what we are sure of is that with this new sniper model that Amoeba Airsoft presents, the AST1, we will be quite close to the ideal rifle.

1 colour for every occasion

Amoeba offers this model in four different colours: OD (Olive Drab) for forest environments, DE (Dark Earth) for arid land, UG for urban scenarios and the classic black, neutral in any of the above.

Lightness and versatility

A feature that we have already seen in Amoeba snipers is that it is a very light model (3000g) thanks to its body made of polymer. The body, in this case mounts the 2 generation of the Striker AS02 and AS03, and the handguard are separate pieces; this model has a handguard with M-LOK system on the sides where we can connect all kinds of M-LOK accessories that we can find within Amoeba's own catalogue, in fact we thing it is the brand with the most accessories in its airsoft catalogue.

The strong point

This new Amoeba model comes with a new stock designed for the AST1 with which we will be able to improve the shouldering of the rifle thanks to its butt stock that we will regulate through spacers to better accommodate the distance to the shoulder and an adjustable cheek rest by means of two height roulettes so we are able to adapt the head much better and centre it with the scope to make it much more comfortable.

At the bottom of the stock we find a lower RIS to attach a grip with an included bipod and improve position and stability when aiming while lying down. We can also change the stock and separate it from the body using the new AST1 disc system.

Maximum capacity

AST1 magazines can hold up to 45 BBs, nearly double or triple capacity compared to other models in the market, which provides greater autonomy. Furthermore, the loading process is straightforward, the ball goes directly from the magazine to the hop-up, avoiding problems or any interference on the load (common in other models on the market).  A design that, due to its simplicity, is revolutionary and, according to what Amoeba tells us, is pending a patent.

Faster reload

The magazine release lever has also been redesigned to improve its touch and functionality; it is located between the trigger guard and the magazine, this way we can operate the lever with the same hand as the trigger if necessary.

Adjusting the touch

An interesting feature of this new model is its adjustable trigger, as if it were an electronic trigger. We can regulate the sensitivity of the trigger to our liking.

In addition to making trigger travel shorter or longer. It also has a new safety system that will make it much easier to lock it or unlock it with the same finger that we use to shoot.