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The return of the MP5

Perhaps the MP5 never left our hearts, but what we are sure about is that, for those of us who work in the airsoft field, we heard the rumours of the return of the MP5, making a comeback as one of the most desired replicas among airsofters, but this required something more... that leap forward in creating something renewed has been taken by CYMA in collaboration and advice from Taiwangun to launch a Blue Edition line that is evident by its blue internals (and it would represent a high end range of products within CYMA) of the famous MP5 in different versions.

If you are going to do something, make something new

CYMA has a long history in the airsoft market with its MP5 models but this time they have applied the policy of offering players something updated compared to the classic models (there are already many options on the market) at the time of this article there are three models within this new MP5 line.

Why does the CYMA CM.041H stand out for us?

M-LOK handguard

The handguard is 6.3” (16 cm), it is made of aluminium, with the M-LOK system, which provides it with a narrower profile (and comfortable when shouldering!) where to place the accessories with the M-LOK hook or rails for which we have been hoarding all these years.

In addition, the model comes with a vertical grip with stopper to improve shouldering and handling of the replica, the fact that the model also includes accessories like this is a nice touch, which can be removed as it is an M-LOK.

Perhaps one of the downsides of being a replica with a very well made metal construction is its weight of 3.28 kg. which for some players may be heavy at first (being used to other more plastic-made MP5s), but this could also be a positive point since its weight would be practically the same as that of a real MP5, which is around 3 kg.

Magazine release

In addition to the traditional magazine release, the model includes a second ambidextrous release to make quick reloads together with the trigger guard, thus improving the dynamics of changing the magazine without having to move the finger, which affects the traditional button, which could cause a loss of control over the submachine gun.

Formerly, this part, in addition to being proportionally expensive (about 30 euros), was quite difficult to find and also had to be installed, which was not compatible with all MP5s. For this reason, it seems like a good idea that it is now included as standard in the model.

AR15 stock

Thanks to this new stock design, using AR15 tubes, we will be able to have a greater variety of stocks available for our personal taste. Furthermore, this means that the replica’s battery can be housed in the tube or in the stock itself, a more comfortable system than housing it in the handguard as it happened with the odd MP5 model.

The magazine

Impressive design that displays the interior with some dummy bullets of this polymer mid-cap with a rough touch that has a capacity for 130 BBs. Although we advise not to force the springs and fill the magazine to the maximum (avoid doing this with any magazine) you will get the same kill ratio by putting 120 BBs or 130 BBs.

Regarding their compatibility, they are obviously compatible with any CYMA MP5, also in general with the SRC, Classic Army or Jing Gong models that would be some of the most popular MP5 brands. Also from the brand they tell us that they are compatible with Tokyo Marui (we have not been able to verify the latter).

Reinforced internal parts

This model with the new internal parts E-EDITION & HIGH-SPEED configuration can be found in two different powers, 360 fps or 320 fps, depending on the country where we are going to play. This, together with a 6.03 internal barrel will give us great range and precision.

The internal components have been reinforced and it has a polycarbonate piston with full steel teeth, steel gears with 8 mm and 13:1 steel bushings. The cylinder is made of CNC aluminium, the piston head also has bearings and is completely sealed. If this is not enough, the spring guide also has bearings and mounts a High Speed motor with a fire rate of 25 rps. A mosfet reinforces the electronic control system.