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Emersongear MF Style Gen IV Compatible Placards

The series you choose makes no difference: SEAL Team, SIX, Stricke Back... The movies you watch: Zero Dark Thirty, Act of Valor, Lone Survivor... The special forces units that you follow... the debate is on. Plate carrier or chest rig?

For some time, EmersonGear has offered us endless possibilities when it comes to equipping ourselves, from new product lines with qualities and prices for all budgets, such as these panels that enable us to couple them to our plate carriers so that we can use them as chest rigs. Oh! And EmersonGear is the brand of clothes they wear in some of the aforementioned TV shows.

Emersongear MF Style Gen IV Compatible Placards

This chest rig replicates the Mayflower UW Gen IV (yes, named after the legendary boat carried the first English settlers to the United States) is a great option to symmetrically carry up to four M4 magazines, two pistols magazines, two small radios and we still have two pockets to carry what we need.

If you want to attach it as a chest rig, you would need the H-shaped harness that guarantees a balanced distribution of the load to be able to use the straps to hold the radio antennas or the hydration tube.

Thanks to the four “ITW-Nexus” type clips, we can release the straps and attach the chest rig to any plate carrier, maintaining the same configuration and in just a matter of seconds.