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Either wearing a tracksuit, a military uniform, dressed like a civilian, like Buzz Lightyear or like William Wallace, in other words, as an AIRSOFTER. We have chosen several ways to gear-up a match, each with its own pros and cons.

May each player wear what they like and prefer, this is the main assumption that we can draw from the pictures that SG Fashion Snap brings from Japan, the birthplace of the hobby that brings us all together.

-Name : Tojo
-Airsoft experiences : 8 years
-Team : Koppa Battalion(骨破大隊)
-Favorite brand : KiKiya(きき屋)
-Favorite field : Operation Freedom
-Photo taken @Operation Freedom – SCRAPPED SANCTUARY


-Rifle : S&T – TYPE64 rifle Japan Self Defence Force
-Gloves : Armored Claw
-Belt : Japan Self Defence Force old model ammo belt
-Backpack : Yugoslav National Army backpack

Background settings : Military uniform at the Apocalypse.
Mercenary organization centered on the former Self-Defense Force.