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Element Airsoft EX441 Mount + CREE XLamp XP G2-R5 LED

Flashlights can make a big difference during a game. Not only they can be used to illuminate a low visibility scenario, they will also help us see the path of the BBs fired or to blind an opponent during an assault.

Element Airsoft knows it and that is why it offers a wide range based on models of real operators and that provide a great service to airsofters. These are some of the latests releases to the market.

EX441 Mount

-250 lumens of white light
-RM45 mount
-Remote push button DS07 included
-Powered by two CR123A battery (3.0 V)
-Available in black or dark earth

This model reminds us of the M312 Scout Light model by Sure Fire. We like the fact that it is not too long, which makes it perfect for mounting in short handguards and does not extend the profile excessively.

The RM45 mount allows us to place it on the inner or on the upper rail, being able to fix the flashlight at 45º without protruding as much as those models that are parallel to the RIS so it does not get stuck.

It mounts a CREE XLamp XP G2-R5 LED that, depending on the brand, can generate a 250 lm white light. In the back it has a DS07 head that allows us to use it in two ways: by clicking on the button to switch it on and off, or by attaching a remote button in case we have it on the other hand.