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Element Airsoft EX443 M603V Scout Light with DS07 Switch Assembly

Flashlights can make a big difference during a game. Not only they can be used to illuminate a low visibility scenario, they will also help us see the path of the BBs fired or to blind an opponent during an assault. Element Airsoft knows it and that is why it offers a wide range based on models of real operators and that provide a great service to airsofters. These are some of the latests releases to the market.

EX443 M603V Scout Light with DS07 Switch Assembly

-150 lumens of white light
-Modes: Continuous light, strobe light and safe
-Remote push button DS-SR07-D-IT included
-Powered by two CR123A (3.0 V) or 16340 (3.7 V) batteries
-Available in black or dark earth

This flashlight reminds us of one of similar design in the SureFire catalogue. With the the difference that, among other, where the SureFire mounts an IR light, this model has a strobe light.

The LED CREE Q5-WC offers a white light of 150 lumens (according to the manufacturer) that can be alternated between the continuous light mode and the strobe mode, with a "safe" or off position in between, very useful to avoid turning it on accidentally.  This LED is not as powerful as the other two analysed here, but it is still effective to play airsoft.

To activate the light, you can use the button on the back that will allow you to turn it on and hold it with a simple click, or the remote DS-SR07-D-IT button that will allow you to turn it on momentarily until you stop pressing it.

The push button has two buttons and double cable, like the one included with the SF flashlight. One of the cables goes to the flashlight and the other is designed for the joint use of an ATPIAL or DBAL. So each of the buttons activates the corresponding device, the one that goes to the flashlight with a protruding shape so that it is much more intuitive, comfortable and fast to turn on.

Its shape and the elasticity of the material allow you to attach it to a RIS without difficulty and always keep it in position