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EmersonGear Seal Team Loadout

There is only one thing that we love more than seeing Jason Hayes and the rest of Team Bravo at SEAL Team each week. And you may wonder, is there anything cooler than seeing a team of TIER1 operators (even in a TV show) in action? We have only found one thing that is even better it or at least as good: gearing up similarly to them.

And so we have resorted to Emersongear and we have taken as reference episode 2x11 of the series. Something in which we do look like Jason and his team mates, who we have also seen wearing Emerson uniforms in the first season of the series.

EMERSON ABS PJ Type Fast Helmet Tactical Combat Hunting

This version with holes replicates the OPS Core helmet that they in helicopters, since it offers them protection just against blows, not bullets. This model enables greater ventilation and evacuation of heat in airsoft, which will not only make us sweat less but our glasses will fog-up less too.

Thanks to the wheel on the back of the neck, the helmet is held against our head and we could wear it without any bindings and it stayed in place. Although we used the double system when we had to go through areas with branches to prevent it from getting stuck.

It carries an ARC type rails system to which we have added the headset with an attachment for this system and a small flashlight. Although Jason wears it with the Velcro in the episode, it seems safer to wear it there so as to not to lose it.

EMERSON L4 G24 Helmet Mount Metal NVG

On the front of the helmet we have attached a replica of the L4G24 mount for night vision. Even if its coupling is very easy, it is more comfortable to wear it and simply mount the NVG when you need it. And if you want you can take advantage of the rubber with a helmet hook to secure it and make sure that you do not lose it while playing. Something you must do when you mount the NVG, which is no easy task.

We like this system because it allows us to lift the lens when we do not use it, and regulate the distance to the face to adjust it for use with glasses (in a game) or without glasses (if you like night trekking, where you also have to practice moving around with an NVG). 

EMERSON LBT6094 K style Plate Carrier w 3 pouches

This plate carrier is similar to that of London Bridge Trading, and although it is not the exact model they use in this episode, it is close enough to feature in our kit list. The use of plates is optional, as always, but you can also use some plastic dummies made of EVA rubber (which can even be homemade) to provide more consistency to the vest and prevent it from getting deformed by the weight that we load in the pouches.

This vest has a triple magazine pocket on the central flap under which we close the cummerbands, and these have space for more magazines or even radios, as we have used them. The chest has a pocket with a Velcro finish on the outside in which we can hook both the PTT and an IR light to mark our position in a night environment. 

EMERSON Tactical Bag Organizer

This pouch allows us to carry an extra load on the one hand; inside we will find five loops of elastic fabric to organize the content, and it can help us to hide excess body volume on the other hand. At first it we were scared that it might bounce up and down while running, but it is actually very comfortable. In addition, it offers an additional Velcro surface where to place more patches, because you can never have enough!!

EMERSON CP Style Multi-Purpose GP

This pouch closes with a clip after which we must open two zippers (although with a slight pull they open in record time) to access an open space which can be used in many different ways. We used to as a pouch to carry the replacement of a support box, since despite the weight we can carry it tightly and open it will be relatively fast.

EMERSON Tactical Pouch Multi-Purpose Fight EDC Tool Equipment Pouch 

When we open the clip of this pouch we access the main compartment divided in two by a membrane to help us organize the content. And while this pouch can be used in a variety of ways, we recommend that you store the bulkiest objects in these compartments and leave for the third one, which is protected by a flap that closes with Velcro, the smallest and most valuable objects, since they will be more secured and we can place the string through the three loops that we will find inside.

EMERSON Tactical Small Utility Pouch EDC Molle Universal Tool Pouch

This pouch has the standard size of an admin pouch, but it has a couple of details that we really liked. The first one, that although it fully opens with a double zipper to be able to access the content more comfortably, has a rope that regulates the opening preventing us from dropping all the content. And secondly, that both sides have double elastic loops and even a pocket to keep all the content well organized.

EMERSON EDC Utility Drop Pouch Molle Multi-Functional

A mesh pocket with zip closure as big as the entire pouch, three open mesh pockets and one fabric pocket with a Velcro closure the size of the other three, three elastic loops at the base ... what to carry in a pouch with such loading capacity? It depends on our needs in the game, tools and extras, food, etc...