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Falkor Blitz Compact

This Falkor Blitz Compact is another great finished replica that under the EMG brand, who has the licenses to reproduce the models of this famous American manufacturer for airsoft, which focuses its production on innovation and technological advances.

The design of this model has its origin in the Falkor Blitz 2.0, which was presented this 2019 in the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. And now its replica version is here with a CNC body and the eSilver Edge electronic gearbox. Making this replica a very attractive model for airsofters around the world.


Details that you have to see in the body:

The ambidextrous controls: The release of the magazine (which is smaller than usual), and the fire selector (smaller on the right side than on the left), the bolt release (which is not functional) or the Mach 15 loading lever (which does not carry the marking).

Although the receiver seems larger, it is designed for 5.56 magazines as the dust cover plate indicates. The optical effect is due to the magwell that oversizes the entrance, thus helping to make fast reloads.

It is interesting that the model dispenses with the "forward assist", that small button that usually protrudes diagonally on the right side of the body. Although this is merely anecdotal because although firearms it fulfils its function, in airsoft replicas it only imitates the existence in its real counterparts.


The muzzle tries to replicate one of the Dracos models that Falkor likes to use in its real models. The design consists of two holes in each side and a four-point finish that allow, in the case of the firearm, to have greater control when firing. Although in the case of the replica its function is purely aesthetic and seeks to offer a model that takes care of all details its resemblance to the real model, as seen for example in the Dracos logo at the top.


The design of the stock is minimalist, offering a quick shouldering that could become even more comfortable thanks to the slots for the cheek rest. We liked that the piece we have to pull to get the stock out of the tube is resized and makes the process very comfortable. And yet another detail, that the recoil paid is closed by a pin and you have to remove it to access the space of the batteries.


It has a 10” MLOK handguard (25 cm) where, on both sides, it does without the last opening to be able to sign with the name of the brand and the hole located at the end of the piece to place the logo. The M-LOK allows you to reduce the weight and profile of the piece, making it more comfortable and manageable. We only missed some type of fixed anchorage for the belt, although you can choose the one you like the most with M-LOK coupling and start to attach accessories to the model.


Internally it carries an eSilver Edge electronic gearbox with micro SDU chip. (Super Dynamic Unit) that together with the magnetic gear and the micro switch trigger offers an instant shooting response.

The SDU’s function is to stop the gearbox to prevent further damage when the electric current is too high. In simple terms, the electric current (amps) will increase if there is a malfunction of the gearbox, for example: motor failure, damaged gears or a short-circuit. When the SDU detects more than five triggers pulls that exceed the amps, the gearbox will be disconnected to prevent any possible damage.

The eSilver Edge comes with a micro switch trigger that works together with the S.D.U. to offer a really quick firing response; according to the manufacturer it tested at an average of 0.02 seconds, we could not measure it such a that degree of accuracy.

The design of the gearbox includes a quick spring change system and the casing of the gearbox has been reinforced to be used even with a M190 (even if it comes with an M110) spring type, although this is only for the tests and the one that comes standard fits the power allowed in each country. The piston has also been reinforced internally and comes with the full metal zipper to enhance the durability of the set. The wiring has been twisted with a PET cover that provides them additional protection. And an interesting detail is that the components are compatible with TM so it will not be hard to find spare parts or upgrades in case we need it.

In short, EMG places great emphasis not only on faithfully reproducing the work of Falkor Defense, but also on offering airsofters replicas that meet needs we did not even know we had. A clear example is the impressive trigger response offered by the new electronic gearbox. You wanna try it?