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At this point practically everyone in the airsoft community knows the SRU kits, but their contributions to our hobby go back a long way. This brand began manufacturing pistol replicas with an outstanding quality, and that were characterised by the original designs of their precision CNC machined slides, different from the realistic models to which we were used to. Although since they were made of metal, they had to open moulds for each model, which sky rocketed the production costs (or at least in relation to the amount of new designs they were able to conceive).

Which explains the development of industrial 3D printing technology that created them (an obviously much more resistant option than the domestic versions that we can manufacture at home). They could manufacture models more quickly and at a lower cost, being able to create a catalogue like the one we are currently enjoying in a very short time, and most importantly, being able to get launch new products constantly. Something that, as players, we value a great deal.

The SRU M4A1 Bullpup kit is, as its name indicates, a kit designed for M4 type Tokyo Marui, Cyma, KWA, G&G or ICS (these are the ones that the manufacturer recommends, but there are more brands where you can try them).

This kit turns the rifle into a bullpup, so that the magazine is located behind the trigger. This obviously reduces the length of the model, making it more manoeuvrable, without giving up the original length of the barrel.

Enabling the replica to have the same scope and precision but making it more suitable for playing in enclosed spaces.

After playing a couple of games with it we can point out that the trigger may not be as sensitive as the original once, since it does not release the piston directly, but carries a resend to the original trigger of the replica gun.

Regarding the length of the model, you can leave it in its CQB version, which is as standard, or try what they have called "Assault mode" with a handguard extender that will allow you to mount a longer barrel, integrated in the replica.

Within the assembly possibilities offered by the kit, you can also mount the pistol grip that comes standard, or change it to any other AR15 type you may have. They show an example of this in their website in which they place the grip of a PSG1 and it is tactically impressive.

When dispensing with the entire stock, the kit has to serve as housing for the battery. But this is not a problem, since the SRU team have already thought about it and have reserved a larger space than usual so that you can mount a wide array of batteries.


The SRU catalogue also offers other kits to customise our M4 as, for example, the SR-Q, a simpler kit to install and compatible with most M4s on the market, whether they are AEG or GBB.  In addition, this kit is available in three colours: the classic black, the tan alternative and a very interesting OD.

Thanks to 3D printing a world of possibilities opened up for SRU. The rules were different now, and thanks to it they offer a very professional production with striking designs, so that players can transform their replicas in totally different models without having to spend the money of a new replica. A true 2x1 for our "airsenal".