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Shirts have regained great popularity nowadays, not only in our day to day but also in our airsoft games. So the launch of Helikon-tex of its series of defender Mk2 shirts has been a success, on the one hand for the expectation that its announcement generated and also for the reception they have had later from the market.

In their struggle to continue at the head of tactical clothing design they have created different versions of this famous model in their catalogue, in which the characteristics change depending on whether they belong to the Patrol, Urban Outback or Bushcraft line. Shirts for the day to day that, of course, also for the pew-pew days.


This shirt can be found in the Urban line of Helikon-tex, since it is the one we will be able to wear with a suit if we need dress up nicely, and also with jeans if we are going to play.

Manufactured in 100% polyester, which makes the garment very light, at barely 300 g. It is an interesting option because it is breathable (it has mesh fabric in the armpits) and can be quickly dried, so if you sweat a lot you will not see the marks. And being UPF30 it provides good protection against UV rays.

Despite the classic cut of the garment, it has details such as the loop for the sunglasses, the elasticity of the fabric thanks to the mechanical stretch that makes it look like a dress shirt but it is actually very comfortable for another type of activity.