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Shirts have regained great popularity nowadays, not only in our day to day but also in our airsoft games. So the launch of Helikon-tex of its series of defender Mk2 shirts has been a success, on the one hand for the expectation that its announcement generated and also for the reception they have had later from the market.


This garment belongs to the Bushcraft line by Helikon-tex, and it seeks to provide greater comfort in nature, either when climbing a peak, playing airsoft or unplugging in a weekend getaway.

The feel of the fabric reminds of flannel, very nice and warm. However, it is a thicker fabric (although incredibly breathable). It has a DuPont Sorona to avoid bad smells, while it will also protect you from the sun thanks to its UPF50.

Its production follows the BlueSign system which is an interesting solution for a sustainable textile production. It removes harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and establishes and controls standards for a safe production that is environmentally friendly.

Investing in gear is easier when it is on something you can use beyond the weekend. So indeed, when you discover all the features that make these shirts not just "one more plaid shirt". Chris Costa, Travis Haley, Garand Thumb or Lucas Botkin have been saying it for a while now, how long will it take you to realize that shirts are cool?