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ICS has been launching gun models of their own design for a while, with great results. Now they also dare to replicate a real design with the ICS BLE BM9. 

Aiming systems

Although it has the classic fixed sights, ICS has added fluorescent paint that will help you aim in low light conditions like a CQB context, where using the pistol is very common.

The real model

The Beretta M9 was adopted by the American armed forces in 1985 after winning a contest to replace the everlasting M1911A1 as a rotation gun. Beretta got the bid by a small margin, (for a matter of cost) the SIG P226, being in service until they are soon replaced by the new SIG P320 (M17). A classic with a long history behind.

Threaded barrel

The external barrel has an internal thread finish of 14 mm CCW, so you can mount the adapter that is included in the box and attach compensators, silencers or tracer modules to the pistol. Or if you prefer, do without this adapter and maintain its 90s classic profile.

Classic design

The design of the body (metallic and CNC) is the classic design of the M9, and so it lacks the rail under the barrel. This improvement did take until 2006 with the M9A1. However, this model will allow you to change the grips, which are compatible with those by TM.

Avoid scares

The lower rear part of the frame of the gun has a ring holder. An element that replicates the real model, and that in airsoft can be very useful to avoid losing the gun during a game.


It has an ambidextrous safety, left-handed players are in luck, that does not need the gun to be cocked to be able to operate it, which makes it more versatile and safer.


We were able to unload four full 20 BBs magazines in our tests before having to recharge the gas (at 21ºC and with 0.20 g BBs). In addition, we were also surprised that the FPS did not vary more than 5 FPS (as the ICS people had told us) between the first and the last shot. Normally, the cool down caused by the cooling of the gun when it is fired causes the gas pressure to drop, and so FPS to plummet, the gas to last less and the firing cycle to be slower in general. But not in this gun, in our tests the first shot averaged 308 FPS, up to 301 FPS in the last BB of the magazine.

Internal parts

It has a roulette style hop-up of TM that you can adjust by dismantling the slide. The recoil spring guide is made of metal and has a projection that connects to the external barrel, which prevents the slide from jamming, no matter how powerful the recoil is. With an internal barrel of 6.03 mm that provides greater air compression in each shot and a greater precision in the flight of the BBs.

Revo Valve System

Quantitative Injection Valve

This upgrade in the load valve will help you to load up to 30% more liquid gas in our magazines improving the gun's autonomy, thanks to a greater control of the internal pressure of the magazine and a greater storage capacity. 

Performance Releasing Valve

These new valves, with new O-ring and spring, offer a greater efficiency in the release of gas. They enabled you to adjust the amount of gas that is released in each shot, maintaining a high pressure in the release in each shot. Thus you can adjust the performance of the gun at the time of year (it is not the same to play in summer at 40°C than in winter at 10°C). 

We like the evolution of the ICS guns. The experience as primary gun manufacturer has been applied to the production of secondary weapons. And that, as in this case, despite its classic design, it has all the current advances in its creation to offer you a first-class pistol.