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KJWorks KP 13F TBC

Perfection is something that cannot be achieved in one day, it is something that is only achieved after trying over and over again. And that is the way that KJ Works seems to be travelling with its KP13 model.

It was not enough to launch it on the market and let it be. They have actually continued working and offering new versions, until they manufactured this KP 13F TBC with which you are very close to achieving perfection.

Focused on the weight

The fact that the slide is metallic, and the body is made of polymer is important and not at all accidental. Since the slide is metallic, it weighs more and so the more mass it can move in each shot to make the blowback feeling more solid (unlike popular Japanese brands that manufacture them using plastic).

The frame, unlike the slide, is made of polymer, that lightens the whole set. It has a finish that emulates a non-slip texture but that is purely aesthetic, so it might be better to use "sniper tape".

Fire selector

The main differentiating feature in this model is neither its tan colour, nor its external threaded barrel, but its fire selector in the style of a certain Austrian manufacturer on the side of the slide and that will allow you to shoot in auto. A very interesting feature that comes in handy in any game.


Firing with a gun is many times done so intuitively, and we do not use the aiming systems, but this model includes a front fibre optic front sight that helps us capture more light to highlight the sights and lets us aim more easily without having to focus on the sights. 

Internal parts

It has a roulette hop-up, which can be adjusted very comfortably since no tools are required, with the exception that you will have to disassemble the slide to do it.

The recoil spring guide is made of plastic and has only one spring but achieves a strong blowback sensation, and although it is not hooked to the external barrel it does not come out of its place, thanks in part to the centering piece that remains inside the slide and the little O-ring in the guide.


We tested the gun with the gas tank that comes standard (it is compatible with CO2). Firing the gun in a room at 21.5 ºC, and using Duel Code brand Green gas and 0.20 g BBs, we obtained an average output speed of 301 FPS in the first ten shots (maximum power 311 FPS, minimum power 292 FPS).

And the gas load lasted a total of 82 shots (three magazines and more than half of the fourth one) firing in semi, which is amazing. And firing in auto we can fire the 23 BBs of the magazine without taking the finger of the trigger, although if you fire in short bursts you can increase the autonomy of the gas up to the two magazines.

KJ Works is committed to continuing to work on its own design model, incorporating functional and performance improvements that make the gun get closer and closer to "perfection", you don’t believe us? Try it and tell us what you think!