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BB storm, YES!

ICS engineers thought now is the moment to improve the capacity and firepower of our teams with the market a grenade launcher named ICS-190 GLM. A monster in comparison with traditional grenade launchers.

Now we can bring real-life techniques to our games, a success for roleplay lovers...or firepowah lovers!!!

On its construction, ICS has used high-endurance plastic comounds, giving necessary lightness to sturcture that will hold 6 grenades inside a drum revolver-like.

The requirements were clear: formidable firing capabilities, maximum portability and handling.

The multi-greande launcher (MGL) is a 40mm grenade launcher with capacity for 6 grenades. In other words, a BBs storm, as Leonidas said, to cover the sky and block sunlight with.

40mm grenades are itself a receptor with grenade-shape, holding BBs inside in different formats: circularly, in rows or altogether in the same cavity.

It's important to recognize that the larger number of BBs, the shorter its effective range, since the gas that powers the shot is the same. The BBs weight also affects, thus both number and weight are factors to take a decision about.

The real MGL has a real effective range of 375 meters which we can't even dream of in the airsoft version. However we can keep the scattering of bbs in CQB games. Here we show you a video of the "toy" itself:


- Capacity of 6 40mm grenades.

- Retractil butt stock in 6 positions and 3 tilt positions.

- 4 rails to attach accesories such as sights, grips, lanterns.. all manufactures with high resistance polymer.