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EMERSON ABS PJ Type Fast Helmet Tactical Combat Hunting

This version with holes replicates the OPS Core helmet that they in helicopters, since it offers them protection just against blows, not bullets.

This model enables greater ventilation and evacuation of heat in airsoft, which will not only make us sweat less but our glasses will fog-up less too.

Thanks to the wheel on the back of the neck, the helmet is held against our head and we could wear it without any bindings and it stayed in place. 

Although we used the double system when we had to go through areas with branches to prevent it from getting stuck.

It carries an ARC type rails system to which we have added the headset with an attachment for this system and a small flashlight. 

Although Jason wears it with the Velcro in the episode, it seems safer to wear it there so as to not to lose it.