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EMERSON LBT6094 K style Plate Carrier w 3 pouches

This plate carrier is similar to that of London Bridge Trading, and although it is not the exact model they use in this episode eleven of season two, it is close enough to feature in our kit list

The use of plates is optional, as always, but you can also use some plastic dummies made of EVA rubber (which can even be homemade) to provide more consistency to the vest and prevent it from getting deformed by the weight that we load in the pouches.

This vest has a triple magazine pocket on the central flap under which we close the cummerbands, and these have space for more magazines or even radios, as we have used them. 

The chest has a pocket with a Velcro finish on the outside in which we can hook both the PTT and an IR light to mark our position in a night environment.