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SEAL Team 2x11 loadout

There is only one thing that we love more than seeing Jason Hayes and the rest of Team Bravo at SEAL Team each week. And you may wonder, is there anything cooler than seeing a team of TIER1 operators (even in a TV show) in action? We have only found one thing that is even better it or at least as good: gearing up similarly to them. 

And so we have resorted to Emersongear and we have taken as reference episode 2x11 of the series. Something in which we do look like Jason and his team mates, who we have also seen wearing Emerson uniforms in the first season of the series.


In episode eleven of season two, "Backwards in High Heels," the DEVGRU team has to collaborate with a British SAS team to free a plane full of hostages. 

The most interesting part (in addition to looking at the gear) is to see how these two special operations icons have different ways of acting, but being TIER1 units it is not difficult for them to operate together.

EMERSON L4 G24 Helmet Mount Metal NVG

EMERSON ABS PJ Type Fast Helmet Tactical Combat Hunting

EMERSON Tactical Sling MAP Style MS3

EMERSON LBT6094 K style Plate Carrier w 3 pouches

EMERSON Tactical Bag Organizer

EMERSON CP Style Multi-Purpose GP

EMERSON Tactical Pouch Multi-Purpose Fight EDC Tool Equipment Pouch 

EMERSON Tactical Small Utility Pouch EDC Molle Universal Tool Pouch

EMERSON EDC Utility Drop Pouch Molle Multi-Functional

Although it seems like the entire Bravo team looks the same, each operator customises his equipment, and everything varies for each mission.

The good? That we have three seasons to look for the references that we like, and the entire Emersongear catalogue to make them a reality. Which episode would you like us to review and reference next time?