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Is Marui's Hi-Capa Gold Match the most reactive GBB ever?

This is a legitimate question, not mere clickbait tactics. At first sight, the Gold Match looks like a posh regular 5.1, but when you take a closer look, the differences are considerable.

Sporting a lighter slide (22 grams lighter than a 5.1), the Gold Match cycles very fast. The trigger path is short and snappy, so you line up shots at lightning speed.

Here are some stand-out features:

  • Acrylic front sight: The front sight glows by reflecting natural light. Target acquisition is made easier.

  • Long slide stop: the ergonomics of the slide stop have been revised and manipulating it with the thumb feels natural.

  • Gold, gold, gold: the outer barrel, hammer, trigger, and grips screws sport a shiny gold finish. Aesthetically, this might be the sexiest pistol around.

  • Powerful blowback: new Marui pistols feature an enlarged 15 mm cylinder. This gives a very strong blowback, only magnified by the featherlight slide.

The Gold Match was recently tested by Mac Sakai, a japanese competition shooter and judging by his results, we can only walk away impressed.

Judge for yourself:

via: hyperdouraku