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The trousers has two fabrics, the brown one is harder and more resistant and is located on the front, just in the areas that would rub if we crawled on the ground or in the area in contact if we sat down; while the green one, which is more elastic, covers the rest of the garment.

It has reinforcements in the knees in which, if we turn the trousers, we can insert low profile knee pads (not included). Without having tried it we can only imagine that they can take away some comfort when articulating the leg, but if we have to be with the knee on the ground for a long time it can be a very useful accessory.

The front pockets end in a mesh which helps to evacuate heat, while the reinforcement of the outer part makes them very durable if we use a clipped multi-tool. In addition, the buckle that remains on the pocket has a small loop to anchor items such as compasses or GPS and not lose them if they accidentally fall off the pocket.

The cargo pockets close with a zipper and, although they have a very small profile, their design with folds increases their capacity when needed. They also have a pocket with flap and velcro on the front, the perfect size to carry a mobile or an M4 magazine, depending on the mission.