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It has VersaStrech panels on the sides specially designed to prevent abrasion that can result when sheathing a real gun that has just been fired. Obviously, in airsoft this is an element that is not needed but why not have it anyway.

It has reinforcements on the elbows that serve in turn as pockets to place low profile elbow pads (not included). We did not miss them but once again, it is always good to have garments that offer more possibilities.

Both in the armpits, and inside the shoulder pockets, we find grid cloth that helps evacuate heat, regulate temperature and keep us cooler. The fabric is quick drying to prevent us from getting sweaty.

Although the garment is very malleable and comfortable, the neck has a hardened finish that will protect us from rubbing the rifle belt or the vest or chest rig straps. It is clear that it is clothing designed by shooters or ex-military who know what aspects to promote in the garments.

The velcro of the shoulders are made of soft velvet, which prevents the stiffness of the classic female velcro and makes the garment much more comfortable keeping our patches (essential in any kit) firmly attached.