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ICS BLE PM2, the Makarov of the Cold War was never gone

The Cold War confronted the US and the USSR, the two victorious super powers in World War 2, and the zero point of the conflict was Germany, of course. Within this conflict, the Makarov was born in the late 40s, and was the official Soviet hand gun until 1991. Although, as it happened with the conflict, the gun continued to be used in the shadows by some ex-Soviet countries units. 

This is how this model arrives today at airsoft, it is not the first, but it is at the level of the products that ICS manufactures and that puts it ahead of many others. In addition, it breaks away from the trend of western gun models that had flooded airsoft, and comes with a silencer as standard, transporting us to the spies and “Black ops” stories that characterized that era (if it really ever ended).



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Despite the Soviet name, the design of the Makarov, reminds us more of the German Walther PP than its predecessor, the Tokarev TT33, in details such as the safety on the slide (functional), the position of the magazine's release (not functional), or the design of the slide itself.


The magazine, which is released from a tab at its base, has a capacity for 13 single-row BBs. As the CO2 cylinder is housed in the grip of the gun, the design of the magazine is minimalist, so you can carry more while it takes up less space, although it will move around more in the usual gun magazine pouches.


Hollywood has done a great deal of damage by making us imagine that silencers are magical, when they don't really make the gun inaudible. Real silencers contain the gases of the shot extending their expansion and cooling them, retaining them in a number of chambers, thus avoiding the rumble that causes their sudden exit when there is no silencer. 

This ICS silencer replicates the conical chambers that trap these gases, only that that explosive temperature change does not occur in airsoft, and although the frequency range of the sound generated by the gun firing varies, with the treble attenuated slightly, the decibels that we could measure with a sound level meter are barely reduce a bit space in between around 10%.


This gun does not follow the usual disassembly system of other guns, although having no blowback and carrying the hop-up adjustment on the outside, you will not need to dissemble it as much as with other models. However, you have to be careful when changing CO2 and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

1. Remove the magazine.


2. Shoot in a safe direction to make sure you don't have any BBs left in the chamber.


3. Throw back the hammer and hold it.


4. Shoot once more and hold the trigger down.


5. Pull the hammer forward with force to empty the CO2 cylinder.


6. When there is no more CO2 left, remove the grips and loosen the screw that holds the cylinder.


This ICS pistol is double action, like the real model. Unlike its predecessor, the TT33, which was single action, this side arm does not need to be cocked in order to be fired, since the trigger movement already generates the cocking. Another advantage is that the  Hop-Up can be adjusted with an Allen key from the top of the slide and you will not need to disassemble the slide to access it.

Is the Cold War over? History books say so. Is the golden era of the Makarov over? ICS has just shown that this is not the case with this Non Blow Back model, which in principle could seem a disadvantage, and that however offers greater accuracy in the shot in addition to a characteristic sound that will make our enemies shiver.