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Thierry, the man behind the magic of Titi Art

If you are an airsofter and have an Instagram account, we are positive you have seen some of the works by @titiartist. His operators with animal heads, their helmets with different configurations, their patches (in any of his countless collaborations), his realistic or fantasy illustrations... there are endless options to choose from. Well today, as in The Wizard of Oz, we reveal the identity of the airsofter behind the magic of Titi Art.



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Geeky question! From your work we wonder, if the animal/operators faced the robot/operators, who do you think would win?

Very good question, although I had never really thought about it... but I think my tactical_bear would be a difficult opponent to beat. I have a weakness for my tactical animals because they express a certain degree of anger. Every time I create one of these illustrations, I wonder how I could convey the notion of "war beast."

You have designed a lot of patches, but which one is your favourite and what makes it so special for you?

This is a very difficult question which I cannot answer... But instead of defining what my favourite patch would be, I prefer to give the series I prefer:

· Orc_perator @forwardpatchcontrol

· Tactical_Wars @tactical_hostyle 

· Tactical_pokemon @patchzone.at

and my latests patch: my mask patch for @onetigris

2018 went by and your Instagram account began to grow unstoppably, what did you do? What is the trick?

I don't really have a magic solution, but I believe that being constant with my publications and the proximity with my followers may have helped me to create a real community around my art.

You work at Tactical Adventures developing the video game “Solasta: Crown of the Magister” How many airsofters will dig it? 

I think the world of airsoft and the world of board games are very different. But you never know! I think this project could be interesting in terms of its strategy and especially in the depth of its universe.

And you are never idle, you also collaborate with OneTigris, tell us more about this project! 

Onetigris is an extraordinary company that hired me to work on several projects on a freelance basis. They mainly contacted me due to my graphic style and the strength that I could convey into my creations. It is a very rewarding collaboration; it is a great team.

Finally, what is your favourite illustration and why, what story is behind it?

It is a difficult choice. When I started posting on Instagram, my priority was to always search for new artistic techniques: digital, watercolour, ink or even acrylic, always, of course, as long as it is the same subject. But the most important thing for me is to try to infuse some strength in all my images.

And, before I go here is a little spoiler: I plan to start a new series of works based on the elite corps of the army of some countries very soon.

Intéressant… Verrons-nous le RPIMa, les GOES, le SAS, le KSK dans cette prochaine nouvelle série ? On appréciait déjà beaucoup tes illustrations quand les personnages étaient des “bêtes de guerre” transformées en des opérateurs Tier1, alors on a vraiment hâte de voir ton nouveau projet. Tiens nous au courant, et qui sait, on te reverra dans un prochain 0’20 !