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It has a civil look that makes it perfect for everyday life while it has features that make it very useful in a tactical environment. It maintains a very low profile, and yet it offers a great load capacity. 



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It has pockets on the sides with more flat pockets inside to organize the content, a pocket on the front with a small flap to place an identification patch (for example, “police” if you need to identify yourself in a covert mission), and a top pocket with a soft velvet finish to store glasses and prevent scratches. 

Both the hidden space and the main space of the backpack carry the soft velour of the Helikon Versatile Insert System, in which we can attach any of the pouches/covers that have been developed with this system. This allows us to carry the gear in a more organised and safe manner, which helps to find it faster when you need it.

Stretching the string under the clip of the straps we can quickly release one to rotate the backpack on the other arm, which will leave us in the perfect position to pull the hook and quickly access the hidden space where, in an undercover mission, we could carry a holster coupled by velcro.

In the main compartment we can find a small pocket to store things of value and that we want to keep at hand. And behind the pocket, a clip that closes the access to the space to carry ballistic plates. This will offer us protection on the back of a vest but without attracting so much attention in a covert mission.