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CYMA CM.057B : The day in which Dragunov lost its woods

When the world's most famous AKs factory, Izhmash (now known as the Kalashnikov Group), was commissioned to manufacture the first semi-automatic sniper rifle designed specifically for use in precision military shooting it had a stock, grip and wooden handguard. But that was in the 60s, the Soviet Union does not exist anymore, and the real operators who continue using this rifle have been requesting updates, improvements, and after all, a constant evolution that makes it competitive against the rifles of the same characteristics used by the enemy.

Think about how the modern M4 has evolved (its handguards, its stock, grips...) with respect to the primitive XM-177 that originated it. So CYMA brings us, in addition to the classic SVD, this version that offers airsofters the features that make it competitive against other DMR rifles, including: a RIS to attach your favourite scope, a cylinder head to mount the stock that best suits you... In short, this renewed version of the Dragunov seems to say "I'm still as cool as the one you liked, but I'm also going to let you customise me and make me non-transferable" what will be your excuse now?



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A version of the Dragunov with folding stock was already launched in the 90s, the SVDS, which carried an independent pistol grip to the stock. Now, the folding stock has been replaced by a telescopic one, using the tube system that we have often seen in the M4, with a Crane Stock. This allows you to configure the length of the stock to your size, change the stock to another that can meet the characteristics that are more favourable to us, and most importantly, carry the battery in the stock instead of in the hand guard. And so you have more space, comfort of installation and in variety of batteries that you can use.


By carrying a continuous RIS (in two pieces) at the top, you can mount the telescopic sight you desire. In addition, you can mount the classic PSO-1 sights in the inner side of the anchor. Although by using this system they have dispensed with the iron sights of the model, you can always mount some in the RIS or, as we would recommend, a 45º aiming system (either sights or RMR).


The CM.057B comes with an M-LOK handguard with seven slots, an evolution of the wooden part (1963) that was replaced by one of lighter polymer (1990) and now comes in metal with the standards demanded by professional operators. The M-LOK allows you to comfortably mount the flashlight, AN/PEQ or bipod you want, without the classic limitations.


CYMA offers you almost the entire history of Dragunov and so it has airsoft replicas of the main models, from the wooden one, to the paratrooper special or the bullpup version.


CYMA assembles a gearbox of its own design in this model, because of its configuration with four gears1 it reminds us slightly of the one carried by the SVD by Real Sword, although with some differences. 

The spring guide2 is metallic and has bearings to improve the type M120 spring3 torsion that it mounts. The piston4 is made of polymer, with a 19 teeth design (like some SR25, typically AKs have 10 teeth), two of which are metallic. The piston head5 is also made of polymer which reduces the pounding when it hits the cylinder head6, also made of polymer. The cylinder7 is closed and made of chromed steel. The nozzle8, however, is made of transparent plastic, and with an interesting very short design, although it’s the operation is flawless. 

The tappet plate9 is another of the elements of their own design in this gearbox, because of the position of the spring it reminds us of the M14, but they are different, which limits our possibilities of finding spare parts. 

The firing system10 has a switch like the version 3 gearbox, but the trigger reminds us again of the M14 by its design. It has a High Torque motor11, which rotates the steel gears12 over 7mm metal bushings13. The wiring system includes a fuse14 that will protect from malfunctions but that will take up some space for the battery in the stock. The Hop-up15 is also their own design, metallic, with a roulette with fixed positions that will help you regulate the hop more comfortably than usual in the AK. The inner barrel16 is not precision, something that we could improve in this model that mounts a 690 mm barrel. The replica posts an average very stable 420 FPS speed.


Maradona will remain one of the bests despite Messi. Coppola will be inimitable even if we go to see the Tarantino movies. And Michael Jackson will always remain even though Justin Timberlake is more popular now. Thus, wooden Dragunovs will continue to be cool even though these new versions, more in line with the needs of today's operators, conquer our hearts.