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SpeedQB "The players behind the Dye maks"

One of the best things about airsoft is that it has different branches so that all types of players can fit in, not only individually but also in the same match. Today I will talk about SpeedQB, a modality that is gaining more and more followers worldwide. 

You don't know what speedqb is? no worries, i will explain

North American players wanted to take a step further in airsoft and competition, taking competition paintball as a reference. So they adapted airsoft regulations and even created new rules to play games where two teams of five players competed with each other.

How does a game develop?

The matches face two teams of five players at the best of three rounds.  They score by: 

- Five points for eliminating a player (a maximum of 25 points having eliminated the entire team) 

- 25 points for capturing the flag for the first time

- 50 points for bringing the flag to the enemy respawn point 

- 15 points bonus if the flag is carried to the enemy respawn point with any of the enemies still in game.

Each round lasts a maximum of three minutes, and so the rounds can end without the need to have carried the flag to the enemy respawn point or taken out the all the enemies. And then the scores are checked so that the winning team of the round is determined.

Are there roles in SpeedQB?

As there are strikers in football, SpeedQB has a front, they are usually somewhat more aggressive and they are in charge of going for the flag. The goalkeeper would be equivalent to the backs, whose function is to cover and provide information about what is happening in the field. As you well know this is a game of angles and spaces. Without coverage there is no progress and without communication there is no coverage.

As a general rule, the equipment of each role will be chosen by the team you belong to. It seems logical that a player who needs less mobility uses an AR to provide coverage and one who needs to be on the move uses a short weapon. But each player can only use a single replica gun per round. The firing mode is always semi-automatic and the maximum power is 350 FPS and 1.1 J of power. The weight of the ammunition can never be greater than 0.3 gr.

Are all fields the same?

The playing field has to be 20x40 m, symmetrical and can be outdoors (outdoor) or indoor (indoor). The provision of cover is at the free will of the organizer and their location is not known until the day before the match. 

The teams start the game from the centre and in opposite sides of the field, they need to wait for the starting signal and each player must be touching the wall with the replica and some part of their bodies. 

Are there judges like in standard airsoft games?

The number of judges depends on the organization but, normally, there are as many judges as there are number of players. The judges make sure the players comply with the rules and can give up to three warnings to a player and even disqualify the team from the tournament if necessary. 

How can we know if the SpeedQB is for us?

A big difference compared to conventional airsoft is that these matches can have an spectators since, as in all competitions, you can enjoy both on and off the field. In fact, most of the fields are equipped to house an audience.