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Crye or dye: let's talk about equipment

Differences between a Milsim kit and  a SpeedQB kit 

To play a SpeedQB game there is no specific type of dress code, we do not have to be dressed in a special way or use a specific type of replica since there are almost no rules regarding the outfit. We could say that the only compulsory thing is eye protection. 

The equipment for Milsim is more focused on long-term periods so you can carry supplies, food, change of clothes, radios, NVG, etc. On the contrary, in a SpeedQB kit, the player will carry the essentials for each round. That is why the lightness and comfort of the equipment is prioritised over aesthetics.

Gear carriers

This depends on the player’s personal preference and how he feels more comfortable when playing, for example many have a first line to have better mobility, on others carry a plate carrier or a chest rig. In short, comfortable and lightweight equipment that allows you to endure a round. It is not compulsory to dress in matching colours, but it is always better that the teams dress all the same or similar, as in standard airsoft.


The protection is the same as requested in conventional airsoft games. Since shooting takes place short range, it is recommended to wear long clothes and with some protection to avoid injuries. Although this is airsoft, and we are here to fire upon each other, it is quite normal that if you are hit in a soft area, a BB will hurt more than it should. 

Two details that you should know about some SpeedQB players are that the former USA champions (LTD) wear Woodland at the bottom and the Japan champions (QuickRaptors) do not use integral protective masks, many opt for simple protection glasses.

3rd line

Many players choose to use the HPA system, therefore they usually carry the bottle in a minimalist backpack loaded on the back occupying what is necessary to carry the bottle and not thicken the silhouette much. Unlike those of MilSim, which are usually bulkier, , larger and heavier due to the amount of things they have to carry, be it food, raincoats or ammunition.


An important issue during the matches is strategy and communication, if you see a SpeedQB match you will see that the players are constantly communicating at all times, giving call-outs about the areas they cover or movements of players of the enemy team, casualties caused etc. All this is done at the top of your voice, in such a small space it does not make sense to carry a PTT and a radio, firstly because of the dynamism of the game and secondly because your team mate is not so far away from being able to hear you. 


There is no minimum or maximum number of magazines per player, this means that you can carry as many magazines as you like, the only rule is that these must be mid-caps.

Can a standard airsoft game be played with a SpeedQB kit?

If you mean using a lighter load out with a first line to be able to move more comfortably, use a Dye, add colour to my replica or make it more comfortable for me, sure, yes you can, to wear a vest or similar during a game is not normally compulsory. As for the Dye mask, it is a paintball mask with the EU’s seal of approval and as far as I understand everyone can use the protections they deem necessary at the time of the game provided they are approved. 

And finally, regarding the customisation of the replica each one is free to make the modifications that he deems appropriate as long as the power standards in FPS and joules are met.