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Show me what you got

Any replica has a place in this game mode. But there are several factors that stand out, namely: precision, rate of fire in semi-automatic and comfort when pointing and moving. 

Accuracy or fire rate

A precise shot is more important to eliminate an enemy than to empty the entire magazine. Simply because a single shot will always be faster than firing 120 BBs. As for the fire rate, it is not necessary that this be excessive, while it is true that a semi-automatic fire rate will allow us to provide rapid, effective and sustained coverage for a short period of time. 

Rifle or gun

Regarding whether to choose a rifle or pistol, we do not have a clear favourite, since all are considered primary guns (as mentioned above, only one replica per player can be used). Regarding assault rifles, the famous drop stock (such as B&T stocks like the ones anti-terrorist operators carry) are very trendy, which allow enable shouldering even when wearing a full mask. As for guns and shotguns, it is increasingly common to see them with M4 adapters due to the benefits it offers, such as the increase in ammunition and the versatility that it provides to play with a small size replica but with great fire power. Let’s not forget that here there is no need for any real model to be based on, or anything like that, here functionality is king. 

Flashlight or tracers

The flashlight is a double-edged sword, since it blinds the enemy but also gives away your position. However, others prefer to be guided by the light beam of the tracers allowing them to correct the trajectory of the BB, since it does not give away so much the position but does not do any “damage” to the adversary. 

As for customisation and colours, it depends on the tastes of each player, while it is true that many players prefer to carry a replica that stands out from the others, not only in terms of performance but also in the visual aspect. 

PTW, AEG, gas, CO2 or HPA

Personally the ideal system is the one that meets the quality and efficiency requirements. While it is true that there is much more HPA than AEG, but that is already a player's choice. In my opinion HPA is a high performance system that provides incredible performance, but when you play with the hose and the tank, it suddenly rules out the other options. It is different for secondary guns, since recharging the HPA system is somewhat more tedious process. Nevertheless, this is the most stable system. Therefore, the player’s choice in once again relevant and also the area where he plays, since the gas and CO2 systems will suffer the famous “Cold Down” in cold environments if we shoot too often.

Why is SpeedQB better regarded: Tournaments

SpeedQB at the international level is consolidating in leaps and bounds; tournaments are currently being held not only at the American level but also at European level even within one of the biggest video game events, for example, in the Rotterdam DreamHack, which is one of the largest video game conventions worldwide. 

These events have countless sponsors (Evike, KWA, Lancer Tactical, etc.) and teams willing to give their all for that precious championship belt. Thanks to the sponsors, tournaments usually have very tempting prizes, up to more than US$ 1,000, not including the great discounts that stores offer them for having placed first in the tournament. 

There are currently two world leagues. Others, such as the American, European or Japanese, have more than 20 teams. In addition, there are local leagues within each country. 

Call of duty

Many people associate airsoft with a real-life first person shooter, this idea is not so far-fetched since it is what it is portrayed in many YouTube videos, but when looking for similarities with video games SpeedQB with the competitive mode of CSGO, normal airsoft can be compared to a game of Call of Duty and a MilSim with the Battlefield saga due to its dimensions, all this despite the game and reality boundaries, of course.