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APS 2E124 Ghost Patrol Phantom Green

Green has long been the base colour for camouflage in any army. In fact, there is a military saying that goes “If it moves shoot at it and if doesn’t, paint it in OD”, just keep in mind what colour are the vehicles, the tents, the... And of course, this also includes the weapons or at least airsoft replicas, by the hand of APS paying tribute to this colour with this replica that includes OD parts.

Olive Drab Painted parts

This model notably includes parts painted in green that make it stand out such as:

-BB025 Sound Blaster Flash Hider  
-External barrel
-Magazine release
-Bolt release 
-Fire selector
-Loading lever


The handguard combines MLok to lighten it up and give it a more modern look, with a Picattiny rail on the top and two attachments on the sides (make no mistake, our accessories are still old school). In addition, it comes standard with an APS LPG Grip (Loading Perfect Angle Grip) stop finger that helps us when...

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