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Ready for action

A thousand and one options may sound like a lot, but the truth is that with these new products from the Delta Tactics catalogue, our possibilities multiply exponentially. Let’s do the math: if we have 3 base platforms, but each one is in 4 different colours and we can attach 7 panels to them that are also each in up to 5 different colours, and on top we have two more elements to complete the kit, how many different possibilities are there? After much thought and ending up smashing the abacus against the wall, the result it: A LOT!! And we are not going to count them...

Delta Tactics Plate Carrier Force Mk1 

Ref. DTX115

It features clips to easily attach preconfigured Delta Tactics front panels or chest rigs. It has a zippered pocket on the upper part of the front plate, it prevents accidental losses and is much quieter than Velcro. The back plate is equipped with a molle system to be able to configure it to suit each player.

The cummerbund is elastic to facilitate the adjustment to the body and provides comfort when adjusting the vest to our torso contour. The vest itself comes with a panel for 3 AR magazines. The shoulder straps are padded to make the vest much more...

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