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NEPTUNE 10.5" SAS & 9.5" SEAL

Rossi’s Neptune series consisted of four models that for a while have been the perfect squad due to their variety and performance. But its philosophy is to keep offering more gear, more improvements, more… of everything, and so now the new Rossi Neptune 10.5” SAS and Rossi Neptune 9.5” SEAL are here. These two models join their predecessors to complete a catalogue with technical innovations that improve their performance. We could call them the Neptune 2.0.

External Parts

These new models are available in both black and a combination of black and tan/bronze, with full-metal body and handguards. Their robustness and solid assembly of the materials provides a sturdy feel and it shows that there is a very well done CNC work in the RIS that can compete in terms of quality with other high-end brands. There are markings on both sides of the replica, on the outside we can see the logo of the trident that represents the Neptune series and the text “Op. Neptune Spear” to honour the men who participated in the operation to capture Osama Bin Laden. It has Rossi's markings on the inside of the replica and the unique...

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