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Fashion Snaps

Variety. Something which stands out in airsoft and increases over time is variety. Not only regarding the fields where you play, nor the approach to the game, but when you start thinking about what you will wear before a game, you will find countless options. And that is precisely one of the things that fascinates our Japanese collaborator, who, on his web site sg-fashion-snap.com collects the most different styles found in the battle fields.  From collectors of rare and authentic material to the most realistic reenactors, to those who use airsoft to experience (with much style) their craziest fantasies. To all of you we say, welcome and thank you.

Name: Aki (‮٧‬R姫)
Age: 28
Occupation: Office worker
Airsoft Experience: 3 years
Style: U.S. Secret Service
Instagram: @nyaaanpi
Twitter: @pipipi_a38
Favorite brand: 5.11 Tactical, Crye Pre cision
Favorite field: Tokyo Sabage Park
Photo taken @Queen – LE Night


Primary weapon : ARES – M110
side arm : VFC – G19
tops : 5.11 Tactical- rapid assault shirt
bottoms : 5.11 Tactical- strike pants
plate carrier : Crye Precision – JPC 2.0
gloves : PIG
watches : G-SHOCK
belt : Crye Precision – MODULAR RIGGER’S BELT 1.0
holster : Safariland – 6378 ALS
shoes : SALOMON – XA PRO3D
mask : Crye Precision
other : G-CODE – Scorpion soft shell rifle magazine carrier
other : FMA – Juggernaut.Case Type IMPCT Smartphone Case
comment : 最新装備も頑張りたい!!

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