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Bored of the old guns?

Thanks to the collaboration between APS and EMG, airsofters can enjoy new models of replica firearms, with the licenses of the prestigious brands that manufacture them for the military or law enforcement units. And so we introduce the BSF-19, created by F1 Firearms and based on a well-known Austrian platform, prepared to offer the best performance and taking advantage of all the accumulated experience of APS.


This American firearms manufacturer is based in Texas and has become over time a benchmark in sporting rifles thanks to its intelligent use of premium materials in combination with its avant-garde cutting process, which makes its models lighter, stronger and more precise in competition. And why not say it, they also stand out due to their design from other brands and do not go unnoticed.

F-1 BSF-19

The F-1 BSF-19 is a mid-size pistol based on a well-known platform used by both law enforcement and military units and even civilians (and airsofters too). In this case F1 Firearms brings its unique touch, which can be seen in its UDP-9 series skeleton pistols, to create a future-proof design and keeping in mind what its users like.



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