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Double Eagle M926G UTR 556

This Double Eagle Ultra Tactical Rifle (UTR) series from Taiwangun it’s all about weight. From the decision such as manufacturing it in reinforced nylon instead of the classic metal alloys, to further reduce the weight of these replicas, which barely weigh 2 kg. Even opting for solutions such as the MLOK to be able to carry accessories without having to carry the extra weight of Picatinny rails. Because why would we want to play with more weight than what is really necessary? Travel light, shoot better.


It is true that, although the design of this model is "free", it has elements from different real brands such as the M-LOK (Modular Lock) system developed by Magpul Industries that is "open source", which has made it so popular. Or the AX // 15 handguard and AE // 01 muzzle that are licensed by Aeroknox Firearms.

AX // 15 Handguard

This design is specifically intended for shooters whose thumb grip surpasses the top rail. Thus, the Picatinny rail is cut and this part of the piece sinks so that we do not block the vision of our sights with our finger, offering us a panel with a non-slip dotted texture to improve the grip with the remaining fingers.


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