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The role of sniper in the world of airsoft is a highly desired one. Hide, remain patient and kill with one shot, move and hide again... It is a feeling that few can experience at its highest level, providing cover for your team and turning the tables in your favour. 

We are aware that it is not an easy role to start with or even when you have been in the hobby for a while, but things are always easier when you have a replica like this BARRETT FIELDCRAFT rifle licensed by EMG, manufactured by APS.


Original Barrett licenses and trademarks.
Original Barrett Fieldcraft colour.
Internal 41xx Steel Barrel (Cr-Mo).
VRS-10 compatibility.
Zero Trigger compatible with VSR-10 upgrades.
CNC spirals full metal bolt.
Adjustable hop-up.
Super light design.
Two position safety (Fire & Safe).
420 FPS (Worldwide version) with 0.20gr.

The full range

This rifle model can be found with a black or silver barrel and in a combination of six different body colours that range from plain colours to our favourite camouflage patterns.

And as per how it works, it has a spring, CO2 or Top Gas version as in this case. Regardless of the model we choose, the design of the different versions are identical since the gas is housed in the external barrel, making the magazine common to all.

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