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Arcturus AT-AK12K Mosfet Enhanced & AT-AK12 Performance Enhanced

As Arcturus fans, and good “rusky lovers”, surely you have wondered at some point how we went from black AKs, the famous 100 Series, to two AK12 models which, even though they share a name, less than 10% of their parts are the same? 

The 100 series suffered its downfall with the failure of the AK107 that dragged the AK108 and AK109. At that time Izhmash/Kalashnikov Concern with a new look and the first AK12 was born around 2012-13. With its thumb fire selector, Picatinny continuous rail throughout its upper part and new stock, it resembled the AR15 (M4), but when they tested them on the firing range they failed to reach the expected requirements.

In 2014 there was another senior management change in the company and a new redevelopment of the AKs began under the name of AK-400. Whose result would end up being known as AK12, and that, surprisingly, had more parts in common with the AK74M (54%) than with the original AK12 (less than 10%). This is the model used today by the Russian armed forces.

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