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Fashion Snaps

If you can imagine it, it can be done. This could be the slogan of any airsofter. Just open the wardrobe of any addicted player to discover a variety of uniforms, vests, chest rigs, helmets, hats, boots... And every time you open the wardrobe of one of those “addicts” you will find more things, new things, all kinds of things. So just imagine the work that still lies ahead of our Japanese collaborator SG-FASHION-SNAP.COM looking for the best wardrobe essential throughout the airsoft fields.

Name : RIO
Airsoft career : 10 years
Style : DEVGRU
Favorite brand : FirstSpear, VFC
Photo taken @Tokyo Sabage Park – ZONESUV2022


Cap : LBT
Eye wear : Gatorz Eyewear
Tops : Crye Precision – combat shirt AOR1 camo
Bottoms : Crye Precision – combat pants AOR1 camo
Plate carrier : TOY SOLDIER – 6094 AOR1 camo
Gloves : Neumann
Belt : bianchi


Name : Bell
Age : ...

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