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8Fields, 8Fields Premium, 8Fields Classic - Tactical gear for everybody

Last year's invasion of Ukraine was absolutely tragic for the Ukrainian people. Ukrainians still cannot feel safe in their homes. Before the international help, humanitarian and military got to Ukraine 8Fields Tactical gear was already there. Taiwangun supported and helped people returning to their country fight for its freedom from Russia. Numerous pieces of equipment that were created to be used in airsoft were used in real, life and death situations. And helped to save many lives. 

It appears that the 8Fields Tactical plate carriers could carry real metal plates that could substitute the ballistic plates. The 8Fields Tactical airsoft mag pouches and holsters can safely carry real weapons. And people that used them in battles came back to Taiwangun with the feedback. Pretty soon Taiwangun will introduce new versions of the 8Fields Premium plate carriers with slight changes that make a huge difference. Made of the original Cordura fabric, in real Multicam camos at a very reasonable price, could be a real game changer.

8Fields Tactical Gear Promo Movie

Also, we cannot forget that 8Fields Tactical is probably the best solution for the first plate carrier/chest rig for airsoft beginners. There is no better price-to-quality ratio tactical gear on the market right now.

8Fields also has something for the fans of the historical airsoft. The 8Fields Classic line was introduced not long ago and is already well-recognized by fans worldwide. Historical accuracy, good quality materials at the best prices - the best solution for the reenactors and players of historical airsoft. 

There is a huge difference in the 8 Fields Tactical quality seen over the years. Right now it's clearly visible that their tactical gear is getting better and better with every delivery. They listen to the user's feedback and implement the necessary changes as fast as possible. And that should make you reconsider buying their tactical gear. Do not let others be faster.