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Blood, sweat and exhaustion in Česká

Some of our comrades consider your team to be a world benchmark in relation to Marine style. As we can see on your website you have achieved a powerful combination of geardo rigour, activities and spirit of unity. How have you reached this kind of balance?

The story of our team began in 1993 and since then, we have clearly established our direction in order to get to where we are. It all started with a prescription for equipment: BDU woodland camouflage, Alice belts and M16 rifles, with no exception. 

In 2002 we decided to begin recreating the Marine reconnaissance team from the 2001-2005 era, the start of the “War on Terror”, so the equipment had to adapt to the demands for modernization and we began using MOLLE material in woodland camouflage and MCCUU uniforms in keeping with other modern units. Although we still sometimes use BDU woodlands today. 

Every recruit who wishes to be part of the unit must ...

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