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Brand new Cyma Platinum AKs are now on Taiwangun!

That was probably one of the most awaited moments in the airsoft community around the world. Finally, after a long wait, and a lot of rumors, those are here: three brand new Cyma Platinum AKs - SLR AKS-74U, SLR AK-105, and SLR AK-74 Rifle. All of them are fully licensed by the SLR Rifleworks, full metal constructions in E-Edition High-Speed configuration with ROF around 25rps, built-in Mosfet, and tracer hop-up chambers.


All three of them have anodized aluminum 6061 outer barrels with 6.03mm inner barrels that allow you to attach a mock suppressor. Licensed 5,4’’, 9’’, or 13,5’’ M-Lok aluminum AK SLR handguards have three integrated Picatinny rails. They all have a stamped steel receiver with a dust cover and polymer pistol grips. Another innovation is licensed side-folding SLR stock made of aluminum 6061. Licensed steel mock SLR muzzle break equipped with 14mm left-hand thread allows you to install accessories. All of that is powered by the polymer magazine.

But truly great changes were made inside. A muzzle velocity of around 390fps when paired with a LiPo battery and a rate of fire of about 25 bbs per second along with the faster trigger response are things that you cannot ignore. Mosfet and low-resistance wiring and T-connect (DEANS) plug protect the entire electrical system. Also, internals have been upgraded massively. Reinforced V3 gearbox frame with quick spring change system, is home for the processor unit with built-in Mosfet system. Mechanical parts are also on another level when you think about the replica straight out of the box, straight from the factory. Full steel teeth polycarbonate piston, CNC machined steel gear set (13:1 ratio), CNC machined aluminum silent cylinder and piston head set (ball bearing piston head, double o-ring cylinder head), 8mm bearings, ball bearing spring guide, and last but not least high-speed neodymium motor. All that makes the new SLR Cyma Platinum AKs one of the most interesting factory-pre-upgraded replicas. Check them out!