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Giants in Combat

The images look real, but by looking more closely you can see that they are dolls. What are action figures?

State-of-the-art dolls are called action figures. They recreate a number of characters of different kinds, but in terms of size, those with a 1/6 scale are the ones which have achieved a level of detail that makes them the most valued among enthusiasts and collectors. These figures are 30 cm high, representing a real average height of 1.8 m.

They remind a lot of us of the Madelman or Action Man we had when we were little. How does a children’s toy evolve to become a collector’s item?

In the last twenty years, those of us who were children in the 70s have seen how two great passions that went on to mark our childhood and youth have come together: playing with dolls and making models. As a result of this connection, we get a hyper-realist doll: the action figure, which tries to replicate reality to its size. 

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