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Patriot Park a.k.a Military's Disneyland

Russia's president Vladimir Putin seems to have found a way to show the Defense Industry of the country and encourage young people to join Armed Forces and provide familiar entertainment all at once.

In the town of Kubinka, 1 hour away from Moscow, there's a theme park called "Patriot", a personal project of Putin in whose inauguration's last 15th of June he described as "an important element of our patriotic-military working system with the help of the young".

Patrio Park holds within its almost 14,000 acres an offer of museums, training range for Russian defense industry and a showcase of their products for the general public to know.

Thus, among exposed products, it couldn't be left away Armata nor missile-launching systems. Of course, people can hop on tanks, shoot guns, play extreme sports...

Around all these attractions, there are hotels and training centers; thanks to this infraestructure families can make a tourist destination out of Patriot Park.

In the interior of the park, souvenir shops are a must: smartphone holsters and commemorative t-shirts of WWII victory. Even vending machines with water bottles labeled with Russian Army.